Tuesday, February 19, 2013

THE YARD by Alex Grecian

THE YARD is set after the Ripper murders in London and Scotland Yard credibility is at a low point when Inspector Day and his Murder Squad must pursue the killer of a fellow inspector, assisted by forensic pioneer Dr. Kingsley. Is the Ripper back at work, or is this killer something new? If you're looking for a taut police procedural, this is not it. What this is: a detailed portrayal of Victorian London with an entertaining inspector and a fascinating look at forensic investigation in its infancy. There is a fair amount of suspending disbelief required by the reader, but Grecian is not an author who seems to take himself overly seriously, so I was more than willing to meet him halfway. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Source disclosure: I purchased this book.

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Kim @Quintessentially Bookish said...

I'm definitely adding this one to my to read list. I love anything to do with Victorian London or Jack the RIpper.