Saturday, June 09, 2007

Best novels you've never read...

While perusing Girl Detective during my morning coffee today, I came across a link to an article from New York Magazine. Sixty-one critics list their favorite underrated books of the last ten years.

The Munch Mancini Mystery Series by Barbara Seranella stood out to me as one Allison may be interested in. :-)

It was an interesting list. I recognized about 10 of the books and the rest were foreign to me. The Accidental was on the list, which you may remember I did not particularly like, but it seems the rest of the world did.

There was a link at the end of the article to another listing "Which novels from the past several years will be taught in 50 years?" I have Atonement sitting on my bookshelf. Hope to get to it someday.

Just rambling this morning. Happy Summer Reading!