Tuesday, February 05, 2013

LAST TO DIE by Tess Gerritsen

When fourteen-year-old Teddy Clock's foster family is murdered, in an eerie echo of the murders of his birth family two years before, Rizzoli and Isles send him to Evensong, a secure and strange boarding school where child survivors of violent crime learn survival skills. The school is run by the mildly annoying (to me) Mephisto Society, which R&I readers will remember from earlier novels. Other orphans who have survived two attacks on their families emerge, and R&I must find the connections among the victims. Much of this one takes place at Evensong, where things are not as they seem. Teddy, Julian (from ICE COLD), and other students form an amateur detective society, the Jackals, to help with the investigation.

This is the tenth in the Rizzoli and Isles series, and it wasn't my favorite. Gerritsen fans who adore the Mephisto Society will probably be delighted. Evensong was an interesting setting, at least, and the amateur detectives add freshness to the storyline. All in all, a fun entry to the series.

Recommended to Rizzoli and Isles fans. If you need a place to start, the first in the series is THE SURGEON, and it's really an excellent police procedural/forensic science series.

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