Thursday, February 21, 2013

Picture Book Thursday: The Return

In an attempt to get more organized, I'm taking up Holly's Picture Book Thursday concept. All picture books I review from now on will be on Thursdays. Since not everyone reading this blog is interested in picture books, that will keep the children's posts more contained and avoidable. Likewise, it will be easier for picture book fans to follow our picture book reviews.

WHAT THE SNAKES WROTE by Hazel Hutchins and Tina Holdcroft: I read this aloud to my six-year-old daughter and we both agreed it was one of the best picture books we've read. One day, while the farmer is busy filling in a hole so no one trips and breaks a leg, the dog notices the snakes are behaving very oddly. In fact, they spell out words, asking the dog for help. The dog tries to attract the notice of the farmer, only to find that the words are now unrecognizable. When the snakes try again, dog is able to alert the farmer to the snakes' plight and the farmer comes up with a creative solution that will prevent harm to both snakes and the denizens of the farm. The final page includes interesting facts about snakes and their hibernation.

Does it get better in a children's book than adorable pictures, a positive message of cooperation, empathy, and consideration toward the natural world, and educational material? I can't imagine it does. My daughter and I were both enchanted by this sweet yet practical story. As soon as we finished the page of snake facts, she announced, "That might be the best book ever." I concur.

Source disclosure: I received an e-galley of this title from the publisher.

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