Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You're all winners!

Actually, that's not true in the sense of winning the remaining BBAW giveaways, though I'm sure you all have your good qualities. I had a lot of fun with BBAW, and I appreciate everyone who came by to visit. Thank you for entering!

The winner of the Chelsea Cain giveaway is Wendy!

Only three of you bothered to do the treasure hunt, which was sort of disappointing, since I thought it was kind of fun. The winner of the treasure hunt is Lauren, who will soon receive a box of goodies, plus America America. I decided to name the other two entrants runners-up since they did all the work, too. Gwendolyn will receive the mystery books and Carol will receive Lookin' Back, Texas.

The guess-how-many-books-in-my-piles was disturbing, as it made me actually do a count. I lost count a couple of times, and thought I was done prematurely, when I would suddenly remember that small pile in, say, the guest room closet. Anyway, the number is 96. I know! Isn't that ridiculous? A chunk of that is made up of mysteries; for example, I have all 18 or whatever Pennyfoot Hotel mysteries and haven't read them yet. Not sure if that makes the pile number seem better or not. Darby, who guessed 94, is the winner and will receive Wife in the North.

Thank you to everyone for entering! My postage budget for the month is pretty shot, but I think you can count on future giveaways here. We had a lot of fun doing this.

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Nicole said...

Wow, 96?? I guess you can save some postage money by avoiding the book store:>