Thursday, September 11, 2008

Killer Heels by Sheryl J. Anderson

It seems our book club has been on a bit of a chick lit kick lately (Killer Heels, Sundays at Tiffanys, Last Summer (of you and me), and Bitter is the New Black). While I like the occasional light chick-lit read, I am not one to read a lot in a row. I never did get into The Last Summer. But I have to say I enjoyed Killer Heels more than the others. And I'm looking forward to the very NON-chick-lit pick of The Shack by William P. Young for our October book.

I think I enjoyed Killer Heels more than the rest because its technically classified as a mystery. Molly Forrester is an advice columnist for Zeitgeist magazine in New York. She and her friend stumble across the dead body of her co-worker and Molly becomes determined to figure out who murdered him. Because who wouldn't do that for a colleague, right? It had nothing to do with the fact that it would be an amazing story to write and get her out of the advice doldrums. She and her two best friends work through the various witnesses and suspects and do indeed figure out the killer AND she gets her article published in a big time magazine!

This was a very light, fun read. Just what I needed after The Eight. I read this basically in a day versus the month it took me to get though that book! Whew! So nice to just whiz on through this book. There's not a lot of depth here. I liked the character of Molly and I enjoyed her friends. It did have a Sex in the City feel with Molly and her girlfriends and their banter. The mystery itself is not that mysterious. I suspected something was up with the character who was the killer, but I wasn't sure if she was having an affair with the deceased or if she killed him, or BOTH! :-D (And there are multiple mistresses in the book, so I didn't give anything away!)

A fun read, but not sure it will foster much deep discussion at book club.


allisonmariecat said...

Oh, this sounds fun.

I'm glad your book club is taking a break from chick lit. I once had to propose an Oprah-book-embargo in mine after three in a row :)

Holly said...

I think you'd enjoy it. I'll send it your way the next time I send you books. I actually meant to write that it sort of reminded me of the Paige Turner mysteries, except updated for present day. :-)