Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another Contest!

Since it's Wednesday, I thought I would tell you all we are having another giveaway, just to lighten your spirits for hump day and help you get through the rest of the week!

We are giving away a hardcover copy of Sundays at Tiffany's by James Patterson! A quick read about a girl and her imaginary friend meeting again once she's grown up.

And here's what you can do to win:

1) Leave a comment here saying you would like to be entered and answer one of the two following questions: A) What's your favorite day of the week and why? or B) Did you have an imaginary friend growing up? Tell us about him/her. :-) If you answer BOTH questions you will get TWO entries.

2)Receive THREE extra entries if you blog about this contest and send me the link.

In the spirit of BBAW and our blog readers world-wide, I will open this contest to both US and international folks! Happy Wednesday! The contest will close at 11:59pm on Sunday, September 21st. Even though BBAW ends on Friday, I think we need to leave this one open until Sunday because its just so fitting with the book title. :-)

If this particular title doesn't interest you, check back tomorrow because I think we'll be hosting one more contest before the end of the week!


gwendolyn said...

I'd really like to read this book (and I know my mother would, too!). I tried and tried to have an imaginary friend while growing up, but it just didn't happen! I did have an imaginary boyfriend when I was 12. My favorite day of the week is probably Saturday -- get to stay up late on Friday night, sleep in a little bit on Saturday, and still have another day off the next day! Thanks for the chance to win/read this book, and thank you for your awesome blog!
geebee.reads AT gmail DOT com

Alessandra said...

I Think I'd like this book! My favourite day of the week is Friday, because it's the last day of the week at work, and then I get to stay at home for the weekend!

I had an imaginary twin sister while growing up, named Angela. But it didn't last very long.

Thanks for the great giveaway!


Hannah said...

I'd love to win that book! A) I've always loved Fridays — I think it's the afternoon, mostly, the unending hope that it will be a great weekend, along with the tremendous relief that the workweek is over. B) I never had an imaginary friend. AT

Ruby (Mouth) said...

I just love Saturdays. My family is all home and we get together and spend good quality time with each other.

My friend growing up was a bloodhound named, of all things, Bloody. Since we could not have a real dog, I invented Bllody to walk me to school and to just keep me company. I was an only child growing up so for awhile, he was my best friend.

Thnks for this great giveaway!!

angelleslament @

Traci said...

I'd love to read this book.

As to my favorite day of the week, it used to be any day my husband was off from work (he doesn't have a 9-5 Monday-Friday kind of job, and we homeschool, so our weekends with the kids were any days he had off). Now, he is off most actual weekends, so it's probably Sunday. Saturday is more for rushing around doing stuff. Sunday is definitely more relaxing and restful.

I had two imaginary friends growing up. I was an only child, so I invented my own playmates, Bug and Charlie. Bug and Charlie went everywhere with me for a long time. Somehow we grew apart over the years, though, and I haven't seen them in a while...

Thanks for the giveaway!

bermudaonion said...

In the fall, my favorite day of the week is Saturday, because it means it's time for college football!

SJ said...

I'd love to be entered in this!

My favorite day is Sunday, the Lord's day.

I didn't have an imaginary friend, but maybe I should've! LOL


tanabata said...

Please add my name to the hat.

To answer the first question, my favourite day of the week would be Friday because the weekend is still ahead, plus I've finally managed to arrange my schedule to have most Fridays off. I'm loving a 4-day work week.

As for the second, I'm an only child and for a little while I had an imaginary sister.

And I've posted about your giveaway on my blog here.

Janel said...

I'd love this book. I don't remember having imaginary friends but my daughter did when she was around 2 years old.

My favorite day of the week is Friday. I'm usually happily bustling around getting ready for a family adventure on the weekend. Plus, now that the kids are in school I don't have to bug them to get their homework done "Right now!"

Thanks for doing the giveaway. I'm loving BBAW!!


bethany said...

Okay, as far as imaginary friends, I had two when I was really little, Cindy and Mindy (they were twins) and we would do tons of things together. At some point I just stopped looking for them....I guess I grew up.

My favourite day of the week is for sure friday, you have the entire weekend to look forward to, but I wouldn't want every day to be friday, then saturday would never come.

Thanks for hosting this giveaway!!! Oh, and I have one going on on my blog too, make sure you enter :)

photoquest said...

I would love to entered in this contest I've had the book on my wish list for awhile.
I did have a imaginary friend growing up it was a guy of coarse because all the boys at my school were, Yugh, at the time he didn't have a name he was just someone i drumed up in my head that's probably why as a adult i love romance in my reading.
My favorite day of the week is Friday the night we kick back and watch movies or cook on the grill. Sometimes it's Monday when the kids have give me a hard time over the weekend and they'll be back in school lol!

photoquest said...

I forgot to leave my email with my comment. photoquest(at)bellsouth(dot)net

Yan said...

My favorite day has to be Friday. With school back in session, Friday is a day that is rejoiced by everyone including the teachers!

I wished I had an imaginary friend. I think I pretended to have one since I saw on T.V. how all the kids had one. It didn't work out for me though XD.


Ladytink_534 said...

My favorite day of the week is Thurday because it's hubby's last day of work before the weekend (he works Mon-Thurs) and we usually go to the library, grocery shopping, and stay up watching a movie or something that night!

I've always talked to myself (especially when working out a problem in my head) but I don't think I've ever had an imaginary friend. I did consider my dog as my friend though and would read to her.

Sandy said...

yes please enter me...favorite day of the week is Monday because I work from home and weekends are busy and Monday is my day to sit back and collect thoughts, do things I need done that I put aside over the week.
Yes I had an imaginary friend- reasons not to go into here but he heard alot of horrible crap when I was young and kept me going- (imaginary friends can be great stress relievers because they are someone to talk to who will never ever open thier mouths).

AmandaSue said...

Please enter me this looks like a good book, thanks!

A) What's your favorite day of the week and why? I love Tuesdays, mainly because I work in retail and its the slowerest lest hectic day of the week lol

B) Did you have an imaginary friend growing up? No I didn't have an imaginary friend, although when I was 7 I had an imaginary baby so does that count? My mom had another baby and I think I was jealous so I decided I needed to have a baby to lol

Bunny B said...

My fave day of the week would be Saturday because it's the first day of the weekend to have FUN!

I never had an imaginary friend because I had 2 older sisters and 2 younger brothers at the time -- too many siblings :P

Oh, and I've blogged for extra credit :) Thanks!

bunnybx at gmail . com

the Dizzy said...

My favorite day of the weeks is Wendsday... its just smack in the middle of everything... its just always been the day of the week I like best...always.

Saturday's a close second.

As for imaginary friends... I had an army of them... I would just create randoms characters and people and weave stories outta of them with me in it... then I would make up new ones and new stories... over and over... so if I'm ever haunted by my imaginary friends... I'm so doomed.



etwilight @ yahoo .com

Word Freak said...

oh i love James Patterson so i would love to win this book. Thanks for accepting international entries.
My favorite day of the week is Sunday, because I'm allowed to be lazy, i could sleep until noon without being afraid to be late for anything.


Word Freak said...

and for the imaginary friend... I had one when i was a kid, but it didn't last for so long, and i don't remember why, but i do remember it was fun!

Bobbi said...

Fridays are my favorite day of the week because I can stay up late and not have to worry about getting up the next morning for work.

I also had an imaginary friend growing up - Cocoa, a chocolate brown horse with a white star on his forehead. I used to "ride" Cocoa all over my grandparents farm!

Please enter me in your contest!

Josette said...
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Josette said...

Hi there! Please count me in.

A) My favourite day = Friday. Cos it's the last day of school and there's the weekend ahead. :)

B) I supposedly had 2 imaginary friends. One of them I couldn't remember but my sisters insisted that I had. The other one I remember quite well.

Well, I've blogged a little bit about this giveaway over here too. :D

Thank you!


Becca said...

I would love to be entered for a chance to win.
Saturday is my favorite day because I'm not in work and I won't have work tomorrow either.
I never had an imaginary friend. I think I was too literally minded even as a kid to come up with one. I must have been a terrible bore.

Alyce said...

My favorite day of the week is Saturday, because it's the only day where I am not committed to being somewhere. I can stay home all day and rest.

I never really had an imaginary friend growing up, but I did spend a lot of time in my own imaginary world. I would dream up all sorts of things that could happen, and places that I could go. I lived in the middle of the country with no other kids around (my sisters were older) and so I had to entertain myself a lot.

akreese (at) hotmail (dot) com

Nicole said...

I would love to be entered in this contest. So here we go:

My favorite day of the week is Saturday. It's the day our whole family is together without outside obligations (usually). We make it "family fun day." Also, I get to sleep in a little as my husband is home and gets up with the little ones!

I didn't have an imaginary friend, but I just found out my son has one. Apparently, he's been around for awhile, according to my daughter, but I just "met" him. My son says that "Treehead" leaves on Tuesdays. I don't know when he comes back!


Carol Z said...

My favorite day of the week is Friday, since I get to look forward to two days off! I never had an imaginary friend, boy or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I would like to be entered!

A. My favorite day of the week is Monday. Isn't that weird? I just like it though because I feel that it's a starting over point for everything. If I screwed up the week before, I have a fresh start come Monday.

B. I didn't have an imaginary friend but boy, oh boy, did I have imaginary boyfriends? My friends and I would talk to our imaginary boyfriends and then we'd marry them and have babies (dolls) and it was quite the scenario.


Book Spot said...
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Book Spot said...

I love Tuesdays--it's when I was born, when Buffy was on, (then when Veronica Mars was on), and when CDs come out...

and I didn't have an imaginary friend growing up...don't know what that says about me ;)


M. said...

Hi, found you via BBAW though late in the week! Nice to meet you.

I love tuesdays because my DH finishes work early, comes home, we pop our baby in the stroller and walk to school to pick up our two boys, then try and doing something fun altogether as a mid week pick-me-up.

I didn't have an imaginary friend but commented on my sibling's!

Morgan Le Fay said...

Nice book ! One i would like do read!
Well... my favourite day of the week is... Saturday. No great surprise in there, i think - no worries, no work, no stress, no nothing...

acrisalves (at) gmail (dot) com