Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chelsea Cain BBAW Contest!

Don't forget that Book Blogger Appreciation Week begins this Monday, September 15! We're working on all sorts of fun things for next week, and here's the first.

One lucky winner will receive a hardcover copy of Heart Sick AND an Advance Reader Edition of Sweetheart!

Here's how to enter:

1. This step is not optional! This is for the Book Blogger Appreciation Week event, so entries must be received by the end of the event, September 19 at 11:59 p.m. EDT. Comment on this post to enter. Leave an e-mail address so we know how to reach you. Answer the following question: What is your favorite series character and why? How does the character change as the series moves along? (For our purposes, "series character" means any character who appears in two or more books. Genre is unimportant.)

2. For an extra THREE entries, blog about this contest with a link to this post.

3. For even MORE entries, come back every day next week. Every meaningful comment you leave between September 15 and September 19 gives you one more entry. Comments saying "Nice post" or other insubstantial communications will be disregarded.

These are going to make for a bit of a heavy package, so I'm going to restrict this contest only to folks in the U.S. Sorry! We'll have more giveaways next week, though, so non-U.S. residents, please come back!


Bobbi said...

Hi! I found you thru My Friend Amy and I would like to enter your contest. I have pimped you on my book blog:

My favorite fictional book character is Anita Blake from Laurell Hamilton's Vampire Hunter series. I like her because her character has grown sexually over the past few years.


Rebekah (the_littleminx) said...

Great contest. I'd love to enter! Thanks :)

My favorite series character, atm, would probably be Granny Mazur in Janet Evanovich's STEPHANIE PLUM series. Granny is such a hoot, and it always up to something hilariously crazy. I don't know as she really changes from book to book, but she's guaranteed to make you laugh every time you see her. That's for sure. ;)

Thanks again for the entry!


Ladytink_534 said...

My favorite series character at the moment is Rhage from J. R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood (because he just so yummy!) but he's not the central character in each subsequent novel so I guess I would have to say Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse because even though she's not a "kick-butt and take names" kind of girl she can still look after herself. Plus she's really funny and genuinely interesting. When the series first started she was really almost naive but she has matured and become much more interesting.

ladytink_534(at)yahoo(dot)com or you can contact me via one of my blogs.

Hannah said...

Hm, I think my favorite series character might be Dorothy Sayers' Peter Wimsey. He's so fun! He's very observant (kind of important in a detective tale). And he loves old books. What could be bad about that?

hannahDOTfree at gmail

The Tome Traveller said...

I would love to enter. My favorite series character is Claire in Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. She starts out as a nurse but when she is thrown back in time to the eighteenth century she becomes a doctor working with available instruments & fabricating some of her own.


Wendy said...

My favorite series character is Kate Daniels from Ilona Andrew's book series. I think she's a very strong character, she definitely doesn't take crap from anyone and she's grown as a character as well.

Wendy said...

By the way, I posted about your contest on my blog. Here's the link

3M said...

I usually don't read series books, so I'm going to choose Dobby from Harry Potter. It's a shame they couldn't show more of his character in the movies.

Tracee said...

It's hard to pick a favorite, but I love Odd Thomas. He overcomes the many obstacles he encounters and still has a postive matter how weird the situation may be. I am blogging about you at

photoquest said...

My favorite character in a series is Tristen from "Master and Commander" and "Her Officer and Gentleman" by Karen Hawkins. In the first book master and commander he is a more resentful man and a little hardhearted and you can see him growing throughout this story into someone of more hope and life. In the second book Her Officer and Gentleman he has more appreciation for life and has grown as a person with a whole new life he appreciates.

photoquest said...

My favorite character in a series is Tristen from "Master and Commander" and "Her Officer and Gentleman" by Karen Hawkins. In the first book master and commander he is a more resentful man and a little hardhearted and you can see him growing throughout this story into someone of more hope and life. In the second book Her Officer and Gentleman he has more appreciation for life and has grown as a person with a whole new life he appreciates.

Janel said...

My favorite character is Goldy Schultz in Diane Mott Davidson's culinary mystery series. Not only does she move on to remarry after an abusive husband you also get to see her raise her son through the difficult teen years.

Thanks for doing the giveaway!


Amy said...

Too cool! I have been dying to read these books!

My favorite character would have to be Kitty Norville from the Kitty Norvile Series. She's so calm and cool about being a werewolf.


MonieG said...

My favorite character series is Stephanie Plum by Janet Evanovich. You'd think that after 14 books her bounty hunter skills would have improved but nope...she's still as goofy as ever. I've added your giveaway to my blog Reading With Monie. Thanks!

Debbie said...

Well, I'm going to have to go with Harry Potter. Having been with him for so many years, we watched him grow into his a man with character, strength, and purpose.

AmandaSue said...

My favorite character is heidi from the heidi elliot series by kimberly stuart, I love her because she is a mom who is trying to live a caotic life as a mom, wife and while trying to work.

carma_bee said...

It's really hard to pick just one, but I'll go with Laura Ingalls. At the beginning she's just a tomboy who just wants to play and doesn't want to be a teacher like her sister, who is more girly and doesn't run around. But later on she gets interested in more girly stuff like clothes and boys and she works to be a teacher. She changes mostly because she grows up and she has more responsibility after her sister is blind.


SJ said...

My most recent favorite character is Diane Chapman in the Heirs of Montana series by Tracie Peterson. I liked her because she didnt let her fears of the unknown stop her from reaching her goals. It was interesting how she changed through the series, as she started out so heroic, then struggled with her roles changeing as she became a wife, and how she had to learn to accept change (and tragedy) from what she thought was a perfect life.

I added you to my sticky post on my blog:


tetewa said...

My favorite series character is Victoria Gardella from Colleen Gleason's The Gardella Chronicles.

the Dizzy said...

I have a series character I really love, its Kyoko from this manga series Skip Beat... The thing with Kyoko is she started the series wanting to be out her ex-fiance Sho in showbiz due to the fact that he used her like a slave... but when she goes to the agency, she realizes that she has no talent... no anything. But the agency's sparked by her... determination and eccentricness [or the demons that fly about her head], and agree to take her on into their new section the Love Me section because they believe she has potential as an actress but has lost the one thing she needs to be, the ability to love and be loved.

And its just fun to watch her keep going and realizing that her heart is not as dead as she thinks it is.


etwilight at yahoo . com

robin_titan said...

my favorite series character is harry potter, he changes soo much throughout all the books. in the beginning he's just a little boy leading a very boring life with horrible family but as he discovers who he truly is, a wizard, he finds much much better family that actually loves him and he grows to become a hero, something he never even thought he'd be

lc_intocable at yahoo dot com

mommyjen99 said...

What is your favorite series character and why?

My favorite character is Eve Dallas from the Death series written by JD RObb.

How does the character change as the series moves along?
She becomes a softer kinder human being as she falls more in love with her husband Roarke.

Rebecca said...

My favorite series character is Harry Dresden, from the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher.

He is my favorite character because he has an amusing way of reacting to danger.

Over the course of the series his personality is darker because of the people and magics he is exposed to. Also, his relationships with other people have changed due to some revelations about his family later in the series.

My email is rmsacks at hotmail dot com.

Book Spot said...

There are a lot of options (and it's a tough decision) but I really love Harry Dresden, too...I don't think I've read enouh of the series (only almost two) to see how he changes but he' smy favorite because I *want* to read the rest of the series :)

Carol Z said...

I have so many series characters - I love Sherlock and Savich in the Catherine Coulter books, Grandma Mazur and Stephanie in the Evanovich books, Alex Cross in the Patterson books, Peter in the series by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. I could go on and on, but that's a start.

Laura K said...

My favorite is JD Robb's Eve and Roarke. Boy have they been through a lot as a couple. When you think she's been writing these stories for over a decade, they've only been together a couple of years! Things keep fresh and current in this series.

Anonymous said...

It has to be Becky Bloomwood from the Shopaholic series of books. She just completely cracks me up. It's very light reading and there's not much to it but I thoroughly enjoy the books when they come out.