Thursday, September 17, 2009

BBAW Day #4--Daily Topic

Today's BBAW topic: Today we encourage you to blog about a book you read only because you discovered it on another book blog. Preferably, this will be a book you loved! You might also write a bit about the blog you discovered it on!

The first one that really jumps out at me is Hunger Games. I am not a Dystopian Fiction kind of reader so the book jacket description of this one did not intrigue me at first. But after seeing positive, if not glowing, reviews pop up on blog after blog after blog, I finally decided I needed to read this one. And I really REALLY liked it. The fact that I liked this much-hyped book says ALOT because I typically am very disappointed in much-hyped books.

The Percy Jackson series is another that comes to mind. I never would have known about this series. But I remember reading about it on Jen Robinson's blog and her (fan) love for Rick Riordan and I had to run out and see what the books were all about. LOVED them! And a nice fix after the end of Harry Potter.

I'm not sure I would have ever read Jodi Picoult without the constant reviews I saw on various books of hers. Reviews throughout the blogosphere. Though, I can't say she's a favorite author of mine. Mostly because after reading multiple books of hers, the formulaic nature bothers me a bit. But I never feel I've wasted my time with her books.

But overall, I've found so many books through book bloggers, the number of books I read has jumped in the last few years just because I can't wait to get to them all. Not to mention my TBR pile growing, my book shelves expanding, and my wallet shrinking. :-) It's always so fun to read someone's enthusiastic review about a great book! And I'm so happy I've found the book blogging community to share my love of reading with!


GBK Gwyneth said...

Ha! I said something similar about Jodi Picoult to Allison the other day. I've become with her books -- the last ones I read did seem to follow the "formula" of the previous ones.

Infant Bibliophile said...

I haven't read the Hunger Games, and like you, I feel like I have to because of all of the reviews. It doesn't sound like the kind of thing I like to read, but when a book is great, genre doesn't matter so much.

holdenj said...

I've been enjoying this topic post around different blogs. I, for one, was encouraged to pick up The Help by a post earlier this year.

Julie J. said...

I've not read any of these three books but they are all on my TBR list after BBAW!! I've mentioned several times that I think I'm going to have to take a week of vacation during next year's BBAW just so I can keep up! :)

Rachel said...

Just finished Hunger Games and totally loved it. As said by several others, it's not a genre I'm drawn to but loved the idea for the story. I'm looking forward to reading book 2.

pippirose said...

I thought the same thing about Jodi Picoult. I enjoyed a couple of her books, but I agree with what your first commenter says, about the "formaula". With some authors, it's better to skip a book in between!