Friday, May 29, 2009

A Bookish Question for YOU

I'm planning on doing a little reorganizing around here (or rather, I'm enlisting my husband to lug around our bookshelves in the house until I'm satisfied with a new setup). ;-)

This will require me to take ALL my books off the shelves and it gives me an excellent opportunity to start over and maybe sort them a little differently. I tend to start off with fairly organized shelves but then I have that darn problem of acquiring more and more books. So they end up getting shifted around; some shelves end up organized, others are hodge podge just stuffed together.

So, my question to are your books organized? Do you organize by subject (literary fiction, mystery, historical fiction, romance, etc), fiction vs. nonfiction, simply alphabetize by author regardless of subject matter, paperbacks together/hardcovers together? Please leave me a comment with your system if you happen to have one. Perhaps everyone else in the world is like me and their shelves are just a hodge which case, please leave me a comment with how your dream bookshelves would be organized. ;-)


Valorie said...

I organize my author and then by book title if I have more than one book by each author. If an author has a series, I place it by series name and then organize those books within by series number.

allisonmariecat said...

I have so many books, that in theory, they're organized by category. I have a mystery "area" and a juvenile "area" in the shelves, but like you, I keep piling books as space allows! If I were to take all the books out of the shelves and put them back on, I'd try to have them in mystery, nonfiction, literary fiction, Ages 9-12, etc. And I really should alphabetize by author, but I tend to group books that I perceive as similar (so the Fablehaven, Ulysses Moore, and Percy Jackson series are all together on a shelf). But you have to leave room for new books in each series, too!

Have so much fun organizing them. I love that sort of thing when I have the time!

Lisanne624 said...

I would like to just be able to accomplish having all the books by the same author together in one area on my bookshelves . . . or, in the case of my obsession (London), all the books on that topic in one place. Unfortunately, you have to make room for newcomers however you can . . . the result is not very pretty, but it is fun to start looking for a book and get sidetracked by so many others! Much more interesting that being orderly!