Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Valentine's Day Treat

Thank you to everyone who entered my Triple Shot Betty giveaway! I really enjoyed all the dating-related stories. The winner is AC, whose proposal story just struck the right note with me--sweet, but funny, just like the Triple Shot Bettys books.

"I don't know if this counts as a "dating" story, but here's the story of how my husband proposed:

It was our senior year in college and one evening he met me at the little house where I lived so we could walk downtown for pizza. We got to the corner, and he stopped, pulled me back and started talking about how amazing the sunset was over the campus. I was puzzled because he usually doesn't go on about stuff like that--it seemed kinda weird. What I didn't know was that he was stalling because he'd seen my sister and my friends sneaking away from decorating the place where he was going to propose--we'd walked too quickly and were earlier than he'd planned! Apparently if I'd turned my head even a fraction, I'd have seen them dashing away, arms full of stuff decorating stuff. Finally they must have left, and he abruptly stopped talking about the sunset, and led me to where he finally proposed: the courtyard of a small chapel, the same place my dad proposed to my mom almost 30 years earlier. It was decorated with twinkle lights and rose petals, and there was soft music playing. He got down on one knee, said some amazing things, and the rest is history ;)"

Thanks for sharing that, AC! I love the sunset discussion that stopped as abruptly as it began :) For a fun Valentine's Day treat, go into the comments and read all the stories. I'll leave you with my own proposal story: Matt and I had been to a soccer match at Soldier Field in Chicago and evening was approaching. It was October, so it was getting a bit chilly. We had planned to drive to Navy Pier for dinner after the game, but looked at a map and decided to walk (yes, you should MapQuest it to see how far it is, but parking at Navy Pier is awful). We walked and walked and walked and Navy Pier didn't seem to be getting any closer. By the time we got there, we were cold and hungry, but the Ferris wheel was about to close for the night, so we went on it before doing anything else. When we got to the very top of the Ferris wheel, Matt slipped off the seat onto one knee, and I really don't remember the rest of the evening, because I was floating along with a loony smile on my face, oblivious to the cold or the long trek back to the car. I asked later what he would have done if I had been whiny about the endless walk to Navy Pier, and he said he had a backup plan for the following weekend. But I must have sensed that something wonderful was about to happen, because I didn't even mind that long, cold walk.

Happy Valentine's Day to all who acknowledge it!


girl jordyn said...

Oh, those are such sweet stories. :) I love yours especially, the ferris wheel one. <3

Lenore said...

Congrats AC!