Monday, March 04, 2013

Cthulu for Children

THE SLITHER SISTERS by Charles Gilman picks up where PROFESSOR GARGOYLE left off, with Robert, Glenn, and Karina the only children at Lovecraft Middle School who know that monsters lurk in the halls. Sarah and Silvia Price, who disappeared during the first book in the series only to return without explanation, are campaigning for school president - part of an plot for total domination. Fighting tentacled monsters is one thing, but Robert must run for office and win to spare the middle school a fate worse than death.

The first book in the series built up a creative world and introduced memorable characters; the second takes that premise and starts the high-stakes adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and look forward to the third in the series, TEACHER'S PEST.

My review of #1 in the LOVECRAFT MIDDLE SCHOOL series, PROFESSOR GARGOYLE, can be found right here.

Source disclosure: I purchased this book.

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