Thursday, June 30, 2011

Picture Book Thursday: Hopper and Wilson by Maria van Lieshout

This cute little book showed up on my doorstep earlier this week. My five year old asked to read it right away.

Hopper (the elephant) and Wilson (the mouse) are the best of friends. One day they wonder what they will find at the end of the world. So they set sail in a boat made out of newspaper and all they packed is their red balloon. When they reach the end of the world, they wish to find an endless supply of lemonade and to be able to touch the moon. It is smooth sailing until they run into a storm and end up separated from each other. After searching high and low for each other, they do find one another again and end up "at the end of the world" which is actually right where they began: home.

This is a very cute book with simple text. One you'll be happy to read at bedtime! ;-) My five-year old liked it quite a lot. She was a little concerned in the middle when Hopper and Wilson couldn't find each other, but I assured her that it would be okay by the end. The illustrations are lovely. Hee hee...the only thing I can say that bothered me at all is the choice of Wilson for the mouse's name. All I could think of when Hopper was yelling, "Wilson!" into the middle of the ocean...Tom Hanks in the movie Cast Away yelling for his pet volleyball. But, of course, small children would never think of that. :-)

Source Disclosure: This book was sent to me by The Penguin Group unsolicited in the hope that I would review it.

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