Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Knit Two by Kate Jacobs

I won an ARC copy of Knit Two by Kate Jacobs from Amanda's giveaway over at A Patchwork of Books. I was so excited to win! I think I entered every contest I could find to win a copy of this book! I really loved the first book The Friday Night Knitting Club (well, except for the ending of course) so I was looking forward to revisiting the characters and finding out how they were five years later. I delved in and while it wasn't a waste of time to read it. It was a bit disappointing after the first book.

We visit Walker and Daughter yarn shop five years later where Peri is managing the shop and her pocket book business is taking off, Anita and Marty are making a life for themselves and getting married, Dakota is in her first year of college and not sure she wants her future to be the yarn shop, Darwin is pregnant with twins, Catherine has reinvented herself as an antiques dealer, Lucie is dealing with her successful career, raising her 5 year old daughter, and dealing with an aging mother. (That is quite possibly the longest sentence every written.)

I have to say, this book is a little disjointed, doesn't flow as well as the first and well, to be honest, did little to really hold my attention. However, I'm saying all that comparing it to the first book. If I look at it a little more objectively, it is a nice book about female friendship and supporting each other. And it is not a total waste of time to read it. It is very cozy and an easy read. I just think maybe it would have been a bit better if the story ran a bit deeper or was a little more coherent. The first book had the common thread of Georgia through the whole thing. This one was obviously lacking that, but maybe that's just an illustration of what it is to lose an integral part of a group. Everything is not as cohesive as it once was. But I think that might be a bit of me giving this book the benefit of the doubt. If you're a huge fan of The Friday Night Knitting Club, read the book, if not, skip it.

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