Thursday, November 20, 2008

Amadi's Snowman Giveaway!

Holly has done a great review that sums up why I loved this book! It was a bit long in text for my daughter (not quite two), but older children will love it. If you would like to win your very own copy, here's what you do:

1. Leave a comment here telling us about a book that changed the way you thought about reading. (If you were like me, and can't remember a time you didn't love reading, tell me about a book that changed the way you thought about something else.) - ONE ENTRY

2. Leave a comment on Holly's review - A BONUS ENTRY

3. Blog about this contest and tell us that you did - THREE ENTRIES!

Enter no later than Monday, December 1 at midnight, EST, and I will announce the winner on Tuesday. Good luck!


Colleen said...

Can't remember a time I didn't love reading, but I distinctly remember the first time a book changed the way I thought about something else.

My 5th grade literature teacher gave me a copy of Josephine Tey's Daughter of Time to read. I devoured it, and it totally changed the way I looked at history. I had never before thought about the fact that history is almost always written by the winners, but that book introduced a new level of critical analysis to my thought process. I still have that very copy of Daughter of Time, and read it at least once a year just to remind myself.
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Wrighty - said...

I have always loved to read. One book, or series, that made a huge impression in my life was Harry Potter. Not only did I love it, my oldest son enjoyed them too. He became bored one summer evening when he was in middle school. He wasn't much of a reader but he decided to try it. He read three of them before school started again. He never finished them all but it was a huge accomplishment for him.

I commented on your review and I'm adding this to my blog. Thanks for your contest!

Mette said...

I have always loved reading and being read to. My mom read to me every night, before bed. So she really started my love for books. The books that really got me hooked was when she started reading the Little House books. They were my bedtime stories for over a year, because she read all of them for me right to the last word. They were my introduction to book series and how rich a story can be, when you really have the pages to develop with the main character.
I am a children's librarian today and Laura Ingalls Wilder and especially my mom has alot to do with that.

Wehaf said...

I remember reading with my Dad, after I could read but before I knew about punctuation. I asked him to explain to me what periods were.

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Deanna H. said...

I did not become an official reader until I was an adult. I read Avi's book, The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle and then I was hooked. I went to Tuck Everlasting after that and then Walk Two Moons and the rest is history.

Joannof10 said...

I think I was hooked on reading from the time I began reading Dr. Seuss to my mom, over and over and over-I learning at that time the joy books can bring--