Saturday, July 12, 2008

Vacation Book Loot!

I was on vacation for about 8 days over the Fourth. And I had no intention of getting any books from anyone or buying any books while out of town. I brought 4 books with me because I was hoping to read quite a bit and I got 3 of them read. So not too bad. However, by the time I came home, my 4 books multiplied to 12 plus my original 4 books! And when I arrived home, I had two more books waiting for me in the mail from that silly book chain letter thing I sent out.

My husband's uncle attends BEA every year and ships home BOXES and BOXES of books. He lets me look through a couple when I come to visit as long as I don't get too greedy. So I fished out five Advanced Reader copies of these books:
Cold-Hearted by Beverly Barton
Good Liar by Linda Caldwell
Night Kills by John Lutz
Sweetheart by Chelsea Cain
Hollywood Crows by Joseph Wambaugh

Then a few days later, I was shopping along State Street in Chicago and came upon Barnes and Noble. I decided to stop in, just to browse of course. I always like to look at the Bargain Books because they seem to be different at a lot of the stores. And I came across Heart Sick by Chelsea Cain, the book that came before Sweetheart in her series with Archie Sheridan. So of course, I needed to get that one. I hate reading books out of order. :-) I also found Power of Three by Laura Lippman. I liked the synopsis on the book jacket and I know her book What the Dead Know was really good, so why not, right? It's a bargain book anyway. And lastly, I picked up The Book of the Dead by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston because it just sounded good to me.

THEN, I met up with my friend Misty and she passed along four more books to me:
Harvesting the Heart by Jodi Picoult
Vinegar Hill by A. Mannette Ansay
How to be Lost by Amanda Eyre Ward
I Was Told There'd Be Cake by Sloane Crosley

As if that weren't enough when we returned home, I discovered that I had received a package in the mail with two books in it from Allison's brother's girlfriend (Thanks Stephanie!!): Honeymoon with My Brother: A Memoir by Frank Wisner and Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See. Both seem like good books to me! I've heard great things about the Lisa See book and I've always been curious about the Wisner memoir.

So I think I am seriously cut off from acquiring more books until I have delved into a bunch from my current bookshelves. Oh wait, I forgot, I'm going to the library book sale in two weeks (everything is $1 or less!). Oh well, okay, no more book binging after that! I swear! Really! (Do I sound believeable?) I'll leave you with a picture of my book loot in one of my favorite reading spots in our living room:


allisonmariecat said...

Ooh, good haul. I forgot to mention I also picked up Curse of the Spellmans (the sequel to The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz) at B&N--but it was 60% off, and I planned to get it in paperback anyway, so I really HAD to. I'm glad I'm not the only one with this problem...

How To Be Lost has been on my must-read list for ages, and I recently came across I Was Told There'd Be Cake and thought it sounded good.

Lenore said...

I really liked How to be Lost - hope you will too!