Monday, July 07, 2008

Toys Go Out by Emily Jenkins

I've decided to read a few youth fiction books lately because I feel in the mood for something quick and fun. I read Toys Go Out very quickly. I picked it up at the library because I remembered hearing about it a little over a year ago. It tells the story of the adventures of three toys: Plastic (a rubber ball), Sting Ray (a stuffed animal), and Lumphy (a stuffed buffalo). The age range is quite young on this one: 6-9 years. I'd say that's about right. It is long for a younger child to read on their own and there is only one illustration per chapter. The illustrations are really fun though.

The book starts out with the three animals in a backpack that smells like old swimsuit and they do not know where they are being taken. They worry all the way there about where the little girl could be taking them. It turns out they were worried for nothing and they are reminded about how much the little girl loves them. There are some nice morals in each chapter. The second chapter teaches you shouldn't be afraid to try new things when Lumphy is scared of being washed in the washing machine. He soon finds out he enjoys it and then continually tries to get dirty so he can visit the washing machine again. There is a lot of charm to this book. For example, the animals all think Tuk Tuk, the little girl's bathroom towel is very wise and they visit him to receive advice and wisdom on the big world around them.

I started the book thinking it was a lot of fun and very cute and finished it still thinking so, however I found the last two chapters to be not quite as entertaining or good as the first several. Still worth a read for a young one though! Anyone who is a fan of The Velveteen Rabbit will enjoy this one. It reminded me of that as I was reading it, although I haven't read Velveteen Rabbit since I was a child.


allisonmariecat said...

Oh, this one sounds cute! I love going on youth fiction kicks. Although when I switch back to adult books, they seem to take forever to read :)

Nicole said...

Maybe I'll get this one and read it with my little girl. We enjoy reading chapter books together and this one sounds new and interesting.