Sunday, March 02, 2008

I'm Back!!

Boy, Howdy! It's only been at least a year since I've posted anything but guess I'm back in the mood. It isn't that I haven't read anything because that will never happen. Being very uncomputer savvy certainly has a lot to do w/it.

I just finished Bel Canto by Ann Patchett. Read it in one day! It's a beautifully written, captivating story about a group of wealthy, mostly business people who attend a dinner party and are all kidnapped by a bunch of "socially responsible" terrorists. One of the dinner guests is an opera diva who pretty much rules the kidnapped roost. There's romance and intrigue in big doses w/an ending twist I never saw coming. If anyone else has read Bel Canto, I'd love to know what you thought of the ending. Ann Patchett has a new book out called Run which I'm eager to read. The only reason I read Bel Canto was because it was mentioned in the review for Run. If Run is as good, it'll be a real winner.

I also recently finished 6 Sacred Stones by Matthew Reilly. This is a sequel to his swashbuckling adventure 7 Deadly Wonders. Both books are david vs goliath stories where the underdogs perform death defying feats and manage to succeed. Well, mostly. The Deadly Wonders had one huge suspense filled adventure after another much like the Sinbad the Sailor movies I saw each Saturday afternoon when I was a child. 6 Sacred Stones picks up where 7 ended but the ending most definitely leaves you clamoring for more.

I read two of Carol's recommended Susan Kandel books featuring the LA ditzy biographer cum detective. Unlike Carol, I thought her clothes the best part of the books; they books really weren't my cup of tea but they passed a couple wintry afternoons.

Three Shirt Deal by Stephen Cannell, yes, of TV series scriptwriter fame, was a quick entertaining LA cop murder mystery. For a while, it was hard to tell the good guys from the bad but Shane Scully, the main cop character, sorts it all out even while dangling from a roller coaster by his belt!

One last comment for Allison. I LOVE any and all Carl Hiaasen books and look forward to reading both Hoot and Flush. Thanks for reminding me Hiaasen had written these young adult books.


Holly said...

Thanks for the great reviews and welcome back Mom! :-) Hope you continue to review and comment more often now that you have successfully posted to the blog!

I am adding Bel Canto to my must-read list now. I have been wanting to get to that one for a couple years now. And I also want to read the Reilly books. They sound exciting!

allisonmariecat said...

Welcome back! Hope you enjoy the Hiaasen books. He is so funny, for kids or adults.

I've had Bel Canto on my "to-read" shelf for....a really long time. I'll have to pull it out.

I'm glad you liked the Susan Kandel books. I'm waiting to see if she has a fifth one coming out this year.

carolz said...

Congrats on getting back into the blog! Your reviews make me want to pick up those books - except for Kandel, of course.
I saw "Hoot", the movie the other day, which is based on Hiasen's book. It was quite funny with some outrageous stunts that I'm sure were part of the book. I, too, will have to read them once I finish the other four books I currently have checked out of the library.

Charley said...

I started Bel Canto last year but set it down because I couldn't get into it. Since then, I've read/heard such varied reviews of it that I feel like I should see it through to the end and find out what all the talk is about.