Thursday, August 27, 2009

Presenting Allison and Holly IN PERSON!

This past weekend Allison and I both traveled (separately) to Wisconsin to attend our husbands' high school friend's wedding. I don't think Allison and I have ever explained just how we know each other and came to live in Eden Prairie, MN and Pine Lake, GA co-writing a book blog together.

Allison husband, Matt and my husband, Andrew have known each other since third grade. They were in each other's weddings, Matt is our younger daughter's Godfather, we spent several New Year's Eves together. You get the picture. Through all of this, Allison and I have gotten to know each other and realized we have many of the same interests. When Allison quit her job and decided to stay home and then had Lilah, we began emailing all the time. Just random tidbits about our day. She helped me learn how to knit and encouraged me when I got discouraged. We had an online book club with about 8 or 9 members that pretty much ended up with mostly Allison and I talking about the books. It fizzled out and I decided to start a book blog to keep track of what I was reading and asked Allison if she wanted to join along. The rest is history and our book blog has evolved into what it is today. The very sad part of this story is that Allison and I RARELY get to see each other IN PERSON! We email almost everyday, if not everyday. And the last time I saw her was when Lilah was about four months old!

We had such a fun weekend! We got together at the Racine zoo with our families so our kids could get to know each other a bit. And then we ditched the kids and the guys (they had a playdate) and had a very girly lunch at place called The Secret Garden in Kenosha. It was the type of place you would go to have tea, very quaint and flowery. And after navigating tons of construction, we visited a great yarn shop called Fiddlesticks where I indulged in a few skeins of yarn and a pattern and Allison restrained and bought only one skein. ;-)

Allison, Lilah, Matt, Lily, Andrew, Ella and me
(I think this photo is hilarious because my Lily is pouting and Lilah is yawning or yelling--not sure which)

We attended the wedding of our friend on Saturday night and a wedding BBQ with the kids on Sunday. By the end of the weekend, I think we had sufficiently caught up and finally had a picture of us TOGETHER to put up on the blog! It will be relocated to the sidebar in a bit. Sorry to go on and on and I realize this post is not very bookish at all. I just thought it would be fun to give you a bit of the background of how our book blog came to be!

Hopefully it won't be over two years before we see each other again!


Booklogged said...

Yay! for reunions and rekindling of friendships. Maybe not so much a rekindling since your email and everyday and keep the friendship flames a burning, but fun to be together again.

allisonmariecat said...

Hee! This is such a fun post! I had a great time. So glad the boys could babysit.

Next stop...annual Book Expo trip :)

Kelly said...

What a great post! I love seeing how you guys manage to stay so well connected even though there are so many miles between you. I'll bet it was just awesome to be able to see each other and the families. Wonderful wonderful!!

Lisa said...

I love unexpected friendships like this, thanks for sharing.

Violet said...

That is just the sweetest family pic. It's so good that you girls bonded together.

I started my book blog for somewhat similar reason, no one to talk to books about.