Thursday, January 11, 2007

Update on new Harry Potter

I visited Barnes and Noble today and they had a sign to "reserve your copy of the new Harry Potter book today"! This puzzled me. If there's no release date, why bother starting to reserve books? I inquired at the desk if a release date had been announced. They said no. Then the gentlemen went on to say slyly, "The new movie comes out this summer."

I said, "ooh, that would be a nice tie-in wouldn't it?"

He smiled. Then I said, "Well the others seemed to be released in the summer."

He said, "Yes, and there are rumors of 7/7/07, because its the seventh book."

"Ahhh, that would make sense. Thanks." I went on to reserve my copy.

You heard it here first folks! I predict 7/7/07!

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allisonmariecat said...

I had heard 7/7/07, too. I would think Harry Potter would be big enough that they wouldn't worry about the book and movie taking sales away from each other. I can't think of another reason to spread them out too much.

Not sure if it's been mentioned here before, but for real Harry Potter nerds, is a fairly entertaining place to read rumors and news. They've started the wild speculation about Book 7 (actually, they started it right after Book 6 came out).

JK Rowling likes to be the first to announce things on her web That's where the title of Book 7 was first announced, and it wouldn't surprise me if Bloomsbury let her announce the release date as well.