Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Better get started!

Britain's librarians have posted a list of books to read before you die right here.

I think I went to a really good high school (go, public education!), because I have read 23 out of 30, many of them in high school. I hadn't heard of Birdsong or The Master and Margarita before. A few of these I just haven't gotten to. And I just have to say, "The Lovely Bones????? Are you kidding me?" Man, I hated that book. Actually, I liked it until the convoluted, tacked-on ending, which ruined that book for me. Ugh.


Kirsten said...

You've got me beat. I've only read half of them. BTW, Alice Sebold's auto-biographical account of her rape in college and the events that followed is MUCH better than The Lovely Bones. That real life experience was the launching pad for TLB.

allisonmariecat said...

I'll definitely have to look for that. I liked her writing style, and most of TLB was compelling, so I'm sure that's a good read (though not a happy fun one).

Holly said...

I did like the Lovely Bones, although I do remember getting toward the end and feeling like she'd sort of gotten off track. Although, if you asked me today, I couldn't really remember the details of it. Hmm....maybe that's a point.

I've only read about 11 of the 30. I have heard the Alchemist is pretty good. Anyone read it? That author has a new book out. The title escapes me, but I seem to remember it looked interesting.

Kirsten said...

I forgot to give the title of the other Sebold book I mentioned--it's called Lucky.