Saturday, June 03, 2006

Past Bestsellers

I haven't gone through all the years yet, but this site lists the top ten selling books of every year from 1900-1995. Pretty cool. It's a different kind of list than the "best books of the past X years" kind you usually see. Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool.

Holly, I know you read the Stephanie Plum books, and I just finished the second Bubbles book by Sarah Strohmeyer, and thought you might like them. The first is Bubbles Unbound. Bubbles is a hairdresser trying to make it as a journalist. She's a hoot. I also just finished A Dose of Murder by Lori Avocato, which is a total Stephanie Plum rip-off, but cute. The similarities are just too close to be coincidental. You can tell she pitched the series as "Stephanie Plum, but with a former school nurse turned insurance fraud investigator." Example: instead of Lula, the plus-size black sidekick, she has Goldie, the tall Creole transvestite. Jagger, the mysterious investigator who trains Pauline, is totally Ranger.


Holly said...

Thanks Allison! I will have to check out the Bubbles series. It sounds entertaining!

Carol said...

I just finished the second book of the Bubbles series. I don't think it's as funny as Stephanie Plum novels, but it may be that I'm prejudiced after reading all of Stephanie's adventures.

Bubbles is just a little too out there in her beehive blonde hairdo, hotpants and Barbie doll image. Although I have to admit I've laughed out loud a couple of times.

I also think Bubbles and her family and friends are just way too close to Stephanie's family and friends.

They're easy reads if you're looking for something to read in a weekend without much brainwork on your part.