Saturday, February 11, 2006

Sidebar on the Sidebar

I've just about got things all linked. There are a few pages to My Book Notes I still would like to add. I thought I might just expand a little on what I've chosen to put in the sidebar.

I've received Bookmarks magazine for a year or so now. Each issue has a couple themes where they specialize their book reviews to that topic. They also review current new releases in many categories. I've found several books I want to read listed in this magazine.

I'm not entirely sure what the Tournament of Books is about yet. But I found the link on another blog and thought it seemed interesting.

Bookplates is just a fun site if you want to "mark" your books as your own or if you tend to lend your books out often.

If you type in your favorite books to "What should I read next?", their database will process what you put in and spit back out titles of books it seems to think you will enjoy reading. Interesting concept. In the future, I will play with it and post some of the results.

The Potter Index is a site where you can type in anything relating to the Harry Potter series, such as a name, place, etc. and the site will tell you which book and what page that information appears on. Just thought it was an interesting site.

I came across the La Vie en Rose site while looking at someone else's blog. I thought it was a fun place to look at gifts for a reader. Although they are quite pricy and I have no idea who I might ever buy one of these gift baskets for. But oh well. Just wanted to include it.

My Book Notes
Pretty self explantory. These are web pages I have created that list books I have read or would like to read with links to each title.

Book Blogs
I searched for "reading book blogs" and it came up with a few blogs, but those blogs had links to other blogs. And I guess I just never realized how much time people put into these things. I admit I have spent quite a bit of time this week working on this. But these people, some of them seem like they have degrees in English Lit and this is how they spend their free time. Others go into such detail reviewing the books I wonder if they get paid to do this. The few I have chosen to include as links on this blog were the ones I thought I might actually read on a regular basis. Most of which, were not as erudite as others. Or I simply liked the name a lot, such as Literary Vamp.

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Kirsten said...

Please let us know when you find out more about the Tournament of Books. I'm curious as to what it's all about.